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"Ashanti" Sound has been in the Sound system Business for nearly Thirty five years. Originally known as Jah Tom, The sound was founded by Tom, Rueben and Kenneth Flowers and Courtney Mallick. The Sound, currently managed by Celo D' was passed down by his father Courtney Mallick (A.K.A Teacher Don), on his 18th birthday.

The sound changed it's name to Ashanti in 1980. The name Ashanti was taken from the (Ghanaian Tribe) of African warriors who never lost a war in battle.

The crew organises shows all over East Anglia and dominates their hometown of Ipswich.

They clashed all the local sounds like, their old rival, Hammer and Missile Sounds, both from Ipswich, as well as Jah Shakka, Coxsone, V-Rocket sound from Nottingham, Taurus, Nasty love and many more.

2002 finds a new crew at the controls of the sound with some of the elder heads taking a back seat and allowing the youths to express their talent.

The new crew includes: Teacher Don, Y-T, Tucker.T, Nicky Don, Bigga Tings, Smiley.T, Aarron B, Lenrod, V.L.C and myself Celo.D. 'The New Ashanti'..

Celo D

Bigga Tings

Niki Don

Smiley T

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