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The featured on this page, are for links that we have found helpful, by means of Building this site, Entertainment, Interest, etc. etc.

TONI HELENIUS, is the owner of this site. The site has many programs made by him such as "EasyHtml" which ad2in1 has used to make Web Pages. Click on his Logo (to the left) to go to his Home Page and see what he has to offer.

Street Music Magazine, i.e. a collaborative online project bringing together the genres of Hip Hop, R&B, House, Reggae & Dancehall, Black Hole is the new and growing magazine reflecting the dynamics of urban music and culture. Published biweekly, it is available on the web at www.yourblackhole.com, or just click on the Logo to the left which will take you to the "Dainty Crew" which is part of the site.

Dancehallreggae.com began in 1995 as a regular personal homepage on a college server with emphasis in reggae. Since then the site went through numerous transformations, most of which were due to request from their visitors and has evolved to its current status. With an objective of informing and educating the world about the dancehall and reggae industry, The site also provides premium products and services, Click on the Logo on the left to go there.

Animation City.net is a site that offers Animated Gifs that you can use to animate your own site, they have over 300 different 3D animated Gifs in their gallery. Click on the Logo on the left to go there.

A1 Javascripts.com is a site that offers cut and paste JavaScript's. With over 200 free working scripts you can add dynamic activity, and attractive effects simply and easily. April (Site host) and A1Javascripts are a proud part of The BIG Resources Network! They can now simply and easily, email the scripts straight to you if you are unable to download them. Click on the Logo on the left to go there.

TheSource.com The Source Enterprises, Inc., now a multi-platform entertainment company, began a decade ago as a simple one-page newsletter. Today The Source is the best-selling music magazine on America's newsstands, with a paid circulation of 440,000 and three million readers per month. The Source, an award-nominated publication by the American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME), has become a multimedia entertainment brand... Click on the Logo on the left to go there.

YOYsearch, These materials (including without limitation all keyword lists, text, images, logos, compilation, and design) are Copyright 2005 YoYsearch.com. All rights reserved. Link texts are copyright by their respective owners. Click on the Logo on the left to go there.

BringTheNoise.com is a Hip Hop site that offers a Live feed to there underground worldwide internet radio, with an archive of there past shows (real audio). It also offers up to date Hip Hop news and Public Enemy's CHUCK D hosts the site. Click on the Logo on the left to go there.

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