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This page is not SELLING or giving any SECRET information to do with SMS/ Nokia phones. It is only informing you of useful information for "Cellular/Mobile Phone Users". For more detailed information on anything given on this page, click on the active link to take you to there Web Site.
Any other helpful mobile phone sites, then please let us know. Click here...

is a service that allows you to order ring-tones or graphics by telephone, or online if you are unable to access the telephone service from your country. The requested ring-tone or graphic will be sent to your nokia mobile phone within minutes, 24 hours a day. Ring this no. 09066 021 444 or Click here for the website...

Send Text Messages, Courtesy of This service enables you to send any amount of messages from any PC in the world to any UK mobile phone.

More info, Click here ...Lycos Text Messaging

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